Yearn Land Products

About Yearn Land Products

You should be aware that Yearn Land creators will only start farming at the same time as the rest of the community. No project will be successful if the developers do not devote sufficient time and energy into the project. A farming subsidy is important to the development and longevity of the project in both development and marketing.


Each vault follows a unique strategy that's designed to maximize the yield of the deposited asset. Using a yLand Vault is like having access to the most advanced money manager in the world.


yFarm is the powerhouse behind the product and is likely the option users want to choose to seek the best returns on the market. Harvest = selling the farmed asset back for the main asset.


Users can exchange different assets bi-directionally into pooled interest-bearing tokens using the yZap feature. Goal of yZap is to encourage swap between different coins.


It is a prototype for a new tokenized insurance model. yCover tokens are liquidity tokens allow investors to provide crypto insurance pools with liquidity.

yLand Engine

Receive performs profit switching for lending providers, moving your funds between dydx, Aave, Compound autonomously.


Governance model is first of its kind and allows for free of cost and publicly verifiable votes by yLand holders. Model incentivizes yLand holders with yETH and yUSD to cover gas costs.
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