Yearn Land Roadmap

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Q3/2020 September

✓ Creation of Yearn Land - Started from AUG 2020.
✓ Docs Release - Started from AUG 2020.
✓ Building ERC-20 Token Smart Contract.
✓ Community Implement.
✓ Marketing Research.
✓ Token Pre-sale scheduled toward the end of September.
✓ Swap yLand V1 to V2.
✓ Uniswap Listing.
✓ Liquidity Lock.
✓ Token Burn.
✓ Partnership with Ferrum Network.

Q4/2020 October

✓ Staking module powered by Ferrum Network.
✓ Web Version 2.0.
✓ Farming module.
✓ Exchange listing.

Q4/2020 November

➫ yLand Engine in Beta Version.
➫ Shares pool calculation.
➫ Pool value calculation.
➫ Shares redemption strategy.
➫ Partnerships.
➫ Swap between ETH and any asset.
➫ Issue representative interest token on invest.

Q4/2020 December

➫ Focus on Mass Adoption.
➫ Support for dYdX, Aave, and Fulcrum APR.
➫ Invest / Redeem ZAP, Fulcrum, Aave, and dYdX.
➫ Release of yETH.
➫ On-chain dex aggregators for minimum slippage.
➫ ETH to DAI into aprDAI strategy.
➫ aprDAI into DAI into ETH strategy.
➫ Switch over to defizap’s unzap.

Q1/2021 January

➫ yLand Apps Development.
➫ Blockchain Meetup.
➫ Start of the Mobile Platform Development.
➫ Hire more developers.
➫ Better UX to onboard next wave of defi users.
➫ Making yUSD.
➫ Add support for Chai as an option.

Q2/2021 April

➫ Built-in insurance for all yVault.
➫ renBTC integration.

Q2/2021 May to 2022...

➫ yCover.
➫ yCover - Will be available for tokenized assets, and yCover's will be able to earn yield on stablecoins and other tokens through an insurance vault.
➫ Further extension and project growth in different areas.