Yearn Land Tokenomics

The total supply of the yLand token is 9,758 tokens and no additional tokens will ever be issued. The yLand token will be used within our products in exchange for useful features and services.

yLand Staking module announcement

On-platform, users and Yearn Land partners will transact using the yLand Token (yLand) governance token built on the Ethereum Blockchain. More details can be found here.

yLand listed on

Yearn Land Farming V1

The Yearn Land team is excited to announce that the Yearn Land farming V1 is expected to be released! The Yearn Land team recognizes and appreciates the importance of liquidity for the YLAND token across the entirety of the Yearn Land platform. As such, Yearn Land farming V1 focuses on the Uniswap pair ETH-YLAND exclusively in an effort to concentrate liquidity for the YLAND token on the predominant decentralized exchange.yLand(Yearn Land).

yLand tokens available for Farming: 500 yLand.
Duration of Farming: 2 months.
APY for Farming: 200%.

Yearn Land farming V1 is intended to bootstrap the liquidity in the Yearn Land network and will serve as an overall network upgrade as we begin to roll out the Yearn Land engine and deploy some surprise tokenomic upgrades that will guarantee the sustainability and health of the Yearn Land network. Liquidity is crucial to the proper execution of the Yearn Land roadmap and we look forward to rewarding the liquidity providers that join the Yearn Land community!

Committed to being fully transparent to our community

Name: Yearn Land
Symbol: yLand
Decimals: 18
Type: ERC-20
Total Supply: 9,758 yLand
Staking & Farming Rewards: 2,426 yLand
Circulating Supply: 6,703 yLand + Rewards
Uniswap Liquidity: 1,733 yLand
Uniswap ETH Liquidity: 98 ETH
Uniswap Starting Price: 0.056 ETH = 1 yLand

We hope the information above is useful for our community. The DeFi space is still in its very early stages and we are constantly learning and developing along with the wider DeFi space, like every other DeFi project.

Yearn Land upgraded the old Yearn making some important adjustments in first layer protocols. Yearn Land is a DeFi yield aggregator for the lending platforms that during contract engagement rebalances for the maximum yield. For lending providers, Yearn Land makes benefit swapping, shifting the funds autonomously between dydx, Aave, and Compound. Yearn Land assigns a name to its solution as AMM (Automated Market Maker).